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Crafted Canoe Paddles for Aquatic Fun

With the warm sun beating down on your wet skin and the misty breeze blowing in your hair, there's nothing more relaxing than getting out on the water and paddling for miles. You can't beat that feeling of solitude, peace, and communion with the solitude of the ocean. As you get ready to undertake your aquatic adventure, make sure you are properly equipped with a beautiful paddle.


Our paddles are all high-performance products, yet our customers call them very user-friendly and easy to paddle, even for beginners. Most people are unaware that the paddle they are using has such high-quality. Expertly made and tested by professionals, each product we sell is guaranteed to enhance your paddling experience.

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About Us

Imagine feeling the wind blowing through your hair as you take another deep breath of the salty sea mist. You glide effortlessly through the water, finding it easy to cut through the waves with one of the expertly crafted canoe paddles from Mudbrook Racing Paddles. Based in Redondo Beach, California, our company is dedicated to making paddles for a whole spectrum of customers. Whether you're paddling for recreation, going on a canoe trip with friends, or training to snag the gold medal in a world class race, Mudbrook Racing Paddles can help you achieve your goals.

Using state of the art computerized CNC programs, we can create the ultimate curve for your paddle. Our team has more than 40 years of experience creating a variety of durable paddles meant for long use in harsh conditions.  At the same time, they exude a level of elegance that makes them appear like a piece of art. With a team of expert craftsman, testers, and professional athletes, we will get you the paddle you need for your paddling needs.

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