Paddling On the Ocean

About Us

We did not start out with the idea of starting a company.  We simply wanted to buy paddles.  But back then, there was only one source of outrigger paddles and it was back east.  We ordered paddles in the spring and by the time we received the paddles, the season was over.  No apologies needed, that was the way it was.

So we started looking for a better source. Eventually we found McCann Paddles in Wisconsin. Mr. McCann built furniture, but on the side built recreational paddles. His paddles weighed a ton and sturdy enough to fend off rocks along river beds. He had no idea what an outrigger canoe looked like much less a racing paddle.  We sent him photos, ideas and suggestions.    

We live in California, so as you can imagine the communication, building and shipping was notoriously slow.  Many trial and errors later, we learned how to build decent racing paddles. Our relationship grew and the paddles improved slowly until we were working together in a tight relationship.

Al Ching formed and become the sole owner of Mudbrook racing Paddles Company.   While Al directed the business, marketing and sales from California, Mr McCann’s shop built the paddles in Wisconsin. After decades, Mr. McCann’s son took over and continued building paddles for Mudbrook racing paddles.  Eventually paddlers all over the world began buying Mudbrook Racing Paddles because it is synonymous to great racing paddles.

Decades of Experience

Our company has been in business for more than 40 years. We personally use these canoe paddles almost every day and we understand what makes one paddle very good while another barely passes.  We have several customers who race all the time with our paddles who constantly give us feedback, so we are always working until we have the perfect paddle.

The Small Business Advantage

Unlike the mega-corporations that build in mass, our company runs a small team that lets us focus on the quality and care put into each paddle we craft. At Mudbrook Racing Paddles we want to share our passion of paddling with you, and we'll help you get the tools you need to foster that passion.

In The Past

As time when on, Al, and his wife Erin of 30 years, raised their two sons, Danny and Kawika, within a paddling environment. Kawika gravitated toward his passion for surfing, while Danny chased his dream of becoming an excellent paddler. Nurtured by friends, uncles and aunties, he began to capture many championships starting from a young age. His paddle of choice has always been a Mudbrook Racing Paddle, not only because of his family but because, he and his uncle Josh Crayton, world class steersman and coach were the Mudbrook test pilots under actual tests and modifications.  They excelled in the sport and have grown as the paddle developed.  Renowned for his work ethics and skills, Danny grew up to become a three time Battle of the Paddle Champion, Seven time over all Battle Of Paddle Champ, Two time Outrigger Solo World Champion, 2014 Lost Mills Sprint Champ, World SUP speed record holder and many more events.

Three-time Battle of the Paddle Elite Race Champ | Seven-time Overall Battle Of Paddle Champ| Two-time Outrigger Solo World Champion | 2014 Lost Mills 200m Sprint Champion