Man in a Canoe in the Ocean

High Performance Paddles

We like to keep the company small and produce only quality paddles. Mass production is good and it makes a lot of money, but it’s very stressful and it’s not what we are about.  We enjoy specializing in wood paddles, because it is artistic, beautiful, and honest and performs like no other material. 

The most important part of propulsion is the blade shape and how water interacts with it. Every part of the blade has been scrutinized. There should be as little slippage as possible. There should be a slight spring and flex that makes it alive and work for you.  It should set up a bounce that works together with you.  

Often when you’re in a zone, you can feel the blade as it sets up a resonance.  It’s a wonderful feeling. When a paddle feels like it has no life.  We simply call it, “A dead paddle.” Everybody has a favorite paddle and occasionally a dead paddle.  It’s like everything else in life. We choose to live life the way we make our paddles.

Paddles for All Skill Levels

Beginners and veterans alike love our custom paddles. Most standard paddles just have a hard edge that eventually chips. Our paddles include edges which are specially designed with a semi-soft edge made of polyurethane mixed with other chemicals, giving it a hard yet soft surface that seldom chips. These paddles are so beautiful that some people just want to hang them on their wall and not even use them!

Our Models

We have 3 different models of our paddles. First off is the pure Balsa wood paddle. Made for its lightness and used by elite paddlers in one-man small canoes, this is your choice if you want to paddle solo. Next we have our team model, sporting a variety of wood grains and beautiful colors for team spirit and six man crews.  Lastly is the steering paddle which is larger, longer and shaped completely different than the other models. This long paddle offers the user more control on waves as well as flat water.

Health Benefits

Our paddles gives you fewer joint injuries than stiffer carbon shafts. All our returning customers say they would rather keep the paddle they got from us because of the flexibility in the shaft, and the fact that it doesn't wear down your joints. You won't have to try that hard to get a good stroke because our paddles are very user-friendly. The water entry, bite, and exit are the hallmarks of our paddles.

   Blade 1 - Close Up

XP Blade Front

The XP blade was designed as a result of many trial and errors. It is the product of an evolution of many years of racing, mistakes and successes.  The blade has a great bite and release, which is very important in moving your boat.  It is very user friendly and beautiful.  We have confidence in its blade shape and design.  Creating the blade has been a long process. It included many discussions on our dinner table. also used as a design table, strewn with pencil, paper and rulers.  From this platform came a lot of great ideas.  As in all our blades, the XP has a rim around the edges that help fend off knicks and dings.  It is hard but not brittle and will give a little upon contact.  It varies from 18 to 19oz.   $185.00

Blade 3 - Front

XP With Shaft Front Side

Blade 2 - Close Up

Balsa Front Side

The Balsa Paddle was made for one man or solo racing.   However it is versatile and many paddlers buy it for six man racing also.  It has the same shape as the XP but is made of lighter balsa wood.  It is balanced to give and edge at higher revolutions. At 17-18 oz. we think it is the ideal weight for a paddle for it is not the weight but how it grabs and holds the water.  A paddle is only as good as you perform.  A good paddle will give you the best chance within your ability.  We cannot control your ability, but we can control your paddle. The saying goes, "A strong talented young paddler can beat most others using a 2"x4".    $239.00

Blade 2 - Back

Balsa With Shaft Back Side

Blade 3 - Close Up

Steering Front Side

Steering blade

Our steering blade has a slightly longer elongated shape to reach deep under the canoe.  It was built to hold its position alongside the hull.  When it is inserted into the water it clearly grabs onto the hull.  It will take good size waves such as Pailolo and normal Molokai swells as well as regattas and quiet lakes.  But on really big days, it's best to use special big wave blades.  Otherwise it is a very popular blade and is always in demand.  The weight is around 24oz and built sturdily.  It's easy to steer and turns quickly.  As always all our blades are edged with a protective material.    $185.00

Blade 1 - Front

Steering Front Side With Shaft